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At Linden, our work is
meaningful and beautiful.



And that’s because we love what we do.

We are design-obsessed-word-nerds with a passion for strategy, results, and a really good story.

We are people people.

At Linden, it’s about relationships. It’s about making connections and establishing trust. It’s about truly, genuinely being an advocate for our clients and their goals. And it’s about being conscious of our impact, making it a point to engage in work with a purpose.

Susie Cannon founded Linden in 1996, and over 20+ years we’ve learned a lot; we’ve evolved. One of our most important lessons has been about people: we’ve learned that it takes a certain type of person to put in the time and do things right, making our clients and our business successful. These people live creatively, every day. Their passion is authentic. They have the ability and the compassion to step into our clients’ shoes and be present in our clients’ goals. They live for strategy and inventive execution. They’re the Linden Marketing + Communications team.

We are Linden.

We’re a small team, which means we really have to work together. This not only brings us closer, it makes every project we complete a cohesive effort and a piece of art composed of experience and talent. (Not to mention a lot of communication.) Individually, we each affect our business and our work. Together, we change the world.

We love our dogs, espresso-inspired conversations, long walks downtown, cocktails on the patio and finding joy in the details. We take our work seriously and we take life as it comes.

Our Team

Maggie York

Account Executive

A natural leader, Maggie seamlessly transitions from clients to team building, from CO to WY, business suits to cowboy boots.

Joel York

New Client Relations

Joel’s passion for videography allows him to tune in to the nuances of a client’s story, ensuring we bring their full picture to life. He also brings the beer.

Dixie Lira

Art Director

Dixie is a brilliant designer and a mentor to each of us. Her unique style is reflected throughout her work and on the jam band dancefloor.

Alison Quinn

Creative Director

Ali uses her love of language and a good dose of sparkle to make even the most complex projects seem approachable, and to unabashedly correct our grammar.

Shawna Phillips

Production Manager

You know when someone enters a room and everything’s suddenly brighter and more fun? That’s Shawna. Laughter is her MO and she throws a great party.

Kelly Etzel Douglas

Publications Manager

Kelly loves the process of good, hard work and meeting a challenge head on. She has stories to tell and has never met a conversation she didn’t like.

Jean Whitlock


Jean is the keeper of all things: travel plans, life events, endless encouragement, sage advice and the best guacamole you’ve ever had.

linden marketing graphic designer fort collins

David Merkley


Was there crowd surfing at Beethoven’s concerts? Put David’s music on shuffle to get a feel for his eclectic tastes in travel, art, design – and music too.

tiffany whitsitt

Courtney Cyr

Digital Marketer

Whether it’s a great dinner party or the final touches to your social media campaign, Courtney blends her passion for design and love of people together seamlessly.