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Who is Linden?

We are design-obsessed-word-nerds with a passion for strategy, results, and a really good story.

We love dogs, coffee, music, an excuse to throw a party, happy hour, sunshine, sweat dates, long conversations, laughing ‘til our cheeks hurt, true crime podcasts, naps, a big salad with a side of French fries, saving the planet, and helping humans.



Because we’re people people, we know the value of relationships; of making connections and establishing trust.

This is the foundation for how we work. We put in the effort and the time to get to know our clients, their mission, their hopes and dreams, so as we align these with their marketing efforts, we can authentically advocate for our clients and their goals.

What makes us linden

We are uniquely qualified.

Founded in 1996, Linden has been in the game long enough to experience enough industry change to sink a submarine, and to learn how to find that magic moment when adapting evolves into innovation.

Pairing bright ideas with our fundamental mantra, “Be excellent to each other,” Linden is a team of creatives who support one another on and off the time clock. We choose encouragement and positivity for ourselves, which allows us to work, create and give in excellence to our clients and our communities.


Our People

The way we see it, when you take time to do things right, when you make time for creativity, and when you approach each day with compassion and a side of espresso, then you’ve set yourself up to figure it all out.

Maggie York

Owner + VP of Account Services

— — —

A natural leader, Maggie seamlessly transitions from clients to team building, from CO to WY, business suits to cowboy boots.


Joel York

Owner + VP of Client Relations

— — 

Joel’s passion for videography allows him to tune in to the nuances of a client’s story, ensuring we bring their full picture to life. He also brings the beer.

Dixie Lira

Art Director

— — —

Dixie is a brilliant designer and a mentor to each of us. Her unique style is reflected throughout her work and on the jam band dancefloor.

Alison Quinn

Creative Director

— — —

Ali uses her love of language and a good dose of sparkle to make even the most complex projects seem approachable, and to unabashedly correct our grammar.


Shawna Phillips

Production Manager

— — —

You know when someone enters a room and everything’s suddenly brighter and more fun? That’s Shawna. Laughter is her MO and she throws a great party.


David Merkley

Graphic Designer

— — —

Heavy metal, rock and roll or Beethoven? If it makes him whistle or crowd surf, David’s into it. Put his music on shuffle to get a feel for his eclectic tastes in art, design – and music too.


Becky Freismuth

Digital Marketer + Project Manager

— — —

Oat milk latte in one hand, surfin’ the web with the other, Becky keeps us on top of the trends – from the latest marketing talk to coffee shop hopping to TikTok.


Jean Whitlock


— — —

Jean is the keeper of all things: travel plans, life events, endless encouragement, sage advice and the best guacamole you’ve ever had.

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We're in Wyoming.

214 West Lincolnway, Suite 21C
Cheyenne, WY 82001


We're in Colorado.

121 East Mountain Avenue
Fort Collins, CO 80524


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