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Alison Quinn

Creative Director

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Alison is a lover of words, music that makes you move and any excuse to travel. In every aspect of her life she is intentional and inspires those around her to be the same. After working and thriving in the corporate world, Alison found her way to Linden, first as a digital marketer and now as Linden’s Creative Director.


When she was a kid, Alison wanted to be a librarian so she could read books all day. That love of books and words has remained a constant throughout her life. Around the Linden office, she’s known for being able to add sparkle to any piece of writing that’s put in front of her.


  • The best way to read a good book? With a giant mug of tea or a glass of dry red wine.
  • Alison’s favorite book? Shantaram.
  • Life goal? Write a book someday.

Wander Boldly

“I like life, you know? I just do.”

Whether it’s rafting in Alaska, paddle boarding at Horsetooth, roaming the United States in her Sprinter van, taking a CycleBar class, rock climbing or breathing through a vinyasa yoga flow, it’s evident that Alison loves adventure and lives life on purpose. You can see it in the way she does the simplest of tasks, like making morning coffee – grinding fresh, locally roasted beans for her daily French Press brew; she is deliberate in everything she does. On the weekends you can still find her exploring the Colorado mountains in Nico the Van with her fiancé and two kiddos.

ali ireland travel


Sometimes there are experiences that change your life forever and studying abroad in Galway, Ireland was one of those for Alison. There she studied Irish literature and poetry, pints of Guinness and the nuances of traveling through Europe with a backpack, and made life-long friends that, fifteen years later, still get together every year for St. Patrick’s Day.

Alison will always feel at home in Ireland and celebrate all things Irish – it’s in her blood. Little known fact: she was a competitive Irish step dancer during one chapter of her life, and if you’re lucky (and she’s had enough Jameson), you may just catch her bouncing through some jigs and reels.

Never Stop Exploring

Months living the #vanlife

Greatest adventures so far – her babes Huxley and Roísín

National Parks Alison has explored – so far

Move to Alison’s beat.

Our Creative Director, Alison, says this playlist is inspired by songs that both break your heart and fill you up, pull you out of your headspace and make you dance.