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Shawna Phillips



Shawna’s love for production and for seeing all of a project’s parts and pieces come together began while working at the local newspaper and grew with her experience at Linden. Outside of our founder, Shawna was Linden’s very first employee. Her creativity and careful attention to detail, along with her training in design, illustration and typography, landed Shawna in Linden’s art department, in sales, in production and as the very best party planner you’ll ever meet.

shawna bio

And the Winner is… Everybody.

If Shawna wins the lottery, the whole world will benefit.

“I feel like if you’ve been given a gift you have a renewed responsibility to help others.” So, she’ll start by taking care of her family and friends, then donate to organizations that are important to her, like Alzheimer’s research, St. Jude’s, Children’s Hospital and others who need funding to continue their good work. She’ll pay off her house, of course, but we hope she’ll take some time to travel, too – bike around France, stopping at every winery she passes and visiting the Musée de O’rsay to take in all of the impressionists, then visit Italy and stand on a very, very old ruin and connect with her inner goddess.

People Should Be More Like Dogs

“Everything dogs do, they do with their whole heart.”

This 100% proves that dogs are Shawna’s spirit animal, because the same is true about her. Shawna loves dogs – her dogs, Linden’s office dogs, your dogs, my dogs – they’re loyal and dedicated and happy, they’re giving and selfless and they’ll fight to protect who they love. Shawna’s heart connects with dogs; it’s easy to see (and feel) how.

Picture Yourself Here

Imagine stopping at your favorite watering hole in a small mountain town. You’ve just come from a hike on a local trail and you’re sitting outside with your dog beside you, a beer in your hand. You can hear the river nearby and swear you can smell the leaves changing as the air cools and the seasons transition from summer into fall.

One of Shawna’s many beautiful dreams is to live in Steamboat, Colorado. We’ll meet her there.

Heart of Gold

Thing Shawna loves best about Linden: her people

Dogs Shawna has loved and will love

Different jobs Shawna would have in another lifetime: a full-time artist, doing set production for a professional theater (creating really big stuff with her own hands), a nurse (caring for others), an elementary school teacher (to be around kids all the time), a marine biologist (because water!)

Move to the Linden Beat

Shawna's Playlist

Yard work certainly doesn’t feel like a chore when you’ve got a riding lawnmower, great music, and a beer in hand! Our Production Manager, Shawna Phillips, shares her favorite rock ‘n’ mow tunes.