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Dixie Lira

Art Director

dixie lira linden marketing art director
linden marketing graphic design

Dixie is a creative; creativity runs through her every fiber and shows itself to the world in beautiful, intelligent design, witty remarks and undeniably epic dance moves. She’s also a big fan of fun, and when her college pursuit of journalism turned out to not be so fun, she took a class in publication design, which sent her down a new creative path from which she’s never looked back.

Nancy Drew

When she was a kid, Dixie thought she was going to find herself in the criminal justice field. She was inquisitive – like a detective – always asking questions and internalizing their answers. Dixie has always been a deep thinker; she’s also a perceptive listener. Now, Dixie uses the sleuthing powers she developed as a kid to create images, designs and works of art that really capture the essence of what they represent, carrying meaning beyond what you can see on the surface.

Let Your Heart Soar

To be a creative, you need an active imagination, and Dixie’s is fed by music. Her favorite genre is bluegrass – the mandolins, the banjos, everyone dancing with shoes off and arms out wide in an open field – there’s nothing better; it’s good vibes and “it makes my heart soar.”

Words of Wisdom:

  • Telluride Bluegrass Festival – do it
  • Music is something you can experience on your own, in your own way, so even as a self-described sort-of-introvert, it just feels good

Dream Job

Dixie has an intrinsic drive to make a positive impact on the world. She’s on the right path, designing for the nonprofits that Linden supports. But she really fills her soul by looking out for our furry friends. With the help of her son Miles, she’s opened up her home (and her heart) to be a dog foster mom. Dixie gives her love to these pups and puts them on track to a better life, and in turn they bring happiness to their forever homes.

But why stop at doggos?

“I want to buy land and open an animal sanctuary. Mostly farm animals like pigs. And cows. And goats. Hippopotamuses welcome, too.”

Lover of All Beings, Great & Small

Foster dogs she's fallen in love with and helped to place in their furever homes

Foster dog “fail” – Penny (named for Penny Lane) is a sweet pitty-mix Dixie just couldn’t give up

Years as an animal rights and environmentally conscious vegetarian-aspiring-vegan

Move to Dixie’s beat.

Let your heart soar with this playlist curated by Linden’s Art Director, Dixie.