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Joel York

Owner + VP of Client Relations

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Joel spent his first ten years in New Hampshire before moving to Laramie, Wyoming, the place he really considers “home.” Arriving in Wyoming, Joel’s family purchased land and built the cabin they were living in (yes, as they were living in it) together, log by log. This was the first big project Joel ever saw from start to finish, and the first real project he got his own hands on. From this experience on, Joel learned of his capability to do things for himself, from building a cabin to fixing his own truck and renovating his kitchen, to starting his own video production business and, shortly thereafter, becoming the co-owner of a marketing agency.

Movie Guy

“I could probably fit 20 movies into my Top 5.”

He’s only partly kidding. Jurassic Park, Die Hard, The Rock, Saving Private Ryan – these are the titles he’ll name first, but if you start talking about Spielberg or Michael Bay … you’d better grab a beer and sit down. For Joel, all movies are an experience. But what makes them really stand out are big, grandiose visuals, and movies that move seamlessly through action and storytelling; movies in which every moment feels important. As a filmmaker himself, Joel appreciates a meaningful storyline brought to life so beautifully you keep thinking about it days after the credits roll.

Creative Process

If you ask Joel what he likes best about filmmaking, he’ll tell you all of it; the whole process, from the initial idea to the shoot to the post-production work that brings the story together.

Joel, who leads New Client Relations at Linden, aligns this view with his client relationships, advocating for the importance of each part of the process, from the initial conversation to the final creative work that truly reflects the client’s story.

Good to Know

Favorite Color: Orange
Why fit in when you were born to stand out, right?

Recently Set Goals: Camp more
And hike a fourteener with his wife, Maggie, and do some 4-wheeling in Moab with friends, and take a beach vacation, and generally just be outside.

Weekend Activity: Chores
First, he has coffee (black), takes some time for himself, reads through his newsfeed, and then, “Yeah, I do chores, because I like getting things done.” Enough said.

Joel also drinks milk with his pizza.

Welcome to the Party, Pal.

Number of hats Joel owns; good thing they're his favorite accessory because he wears many more at Linden

Different breweries visited, probably, although he may have lost count

How many years it can take Joel to convince Maggie to watch a movie - she still hasn't agreed to "Terminator"

Move to Joel’s beat.

Video production takes a lot of focus. Linden co-owner Joel York shares this not-safe-for-work playlist for those times when you have a good set of headphones and a big job ahead of you.