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Jean Whitlock



Jean has all the good stories. She knows what she likes and what she doesn’t have time for. She loves fiercely and generously – humans, animals, plants and margaritas – and her journey from teaching first grade in Michigan to becoming Linden’s Bookkeeper and go-to numbers gal is as varied and colorful as the jungle Jean has turned into her office (or was it the other way around?).


Make Something Out of It

Jean loves to grow things – like planting a seed and watching something come out of it, or growing her number of fantasy football wins each season. Whether she’s knitting, gardening, cooking, making art or learning something new on YouTube, Jean is a creator. Her attitude toward life is that you have to do it; you have to live it. So, she creates – and grows – what she wants, needs and gives.


“I would like to go to school my whole life.”

If it seems like Jean has an answer for every query, it’s because she does. Whether it’s a personal story, something from an article she read or a note from an NPR broadcast, Jean can support your theory, counter your argument or just brighten up the conversation with all the things she knows. She’s a forever scholar – having attended Purdue for a couple years and the University of Michigan extension, where she graduated not just once, but twice, with a degree in teaching and an accounting degree. Jean says she “loves being a sponge and absorbing knowledge and useful and useless information.”

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Be a Sponge

“I don’t have any words of wisdom because I think everybody just needs to figure it out on their own, you know? You process it through your own computer. It’s all unique to you.”

“You only go around once in life, so you need to suck it dry. You need to be a sponge. And you can’t ever give up because you never know if right around that corner there could be sunshine and happiness. You can never give up.”

Jean doesn’t really offer advice on purpose, but we tend to listen carefully to what she has to say anyway.

Learn & Grow & Keep it Spicy

Ask Jean what her favorite decade was and she'll say, "All of them," but we like to think of her getting into Jean-style trouble in the 70s. And the 80s, and 90s...

Things Jean is ready to learn

Average number of attempts it takes for Jean to complete the Wordle

Move to Jean’s beat.

Straight and narrow? Never! Just one genre? No way! These jams from Jean are as spicy as she is.