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Maggie York

Owner + VP of Account Services


Maggie grew up on a ranch in Lander, Wyoming, a small town in the shadow of the Wind River Range. One of the many lessons she brought from Lander to Linden is about being genuine, and always choosing to be honest and kind. Living authentically, with these qualities, helps to build a respectable reputation – both in business and in a town where everybody knows everybody – and they just make you a good person.


‘Turtle’: A natural athlete, Maggie has always been fast. When she started to run track, her dad gave her the nickname Turtle as a joke. But it stuck: her dad began wearing a turtle on his hat or shirt or otherwise to all of Maggie’s races, and the turtle naturally became Maggie’s spirit animal.

‘Maggie’ (obviously): Short for Margaret, Maggie was named for her grandmother (who also loved turtles).

Favorite Crime Show

All of them.
“I like seeing how things are reported, and watching the story unfold detail by detail.”

This makes total sense, Maggie having a Journalism background. It also shows up in the way she engages with every project here at Linden, detail by detail, until the full story comes together for her clients.

Travel Bug

A Favorite: South Africa with her family. Maggie remembers it being so different than her normal world, and so open; she felt close to everything. She also has a great story about baboons chasing her brothers.

A Dream: Although everywhere sounds fun, after an inspiring trip to the East Coast, Maggie and her husband Joel set a goal to see as much of the U.S. as possible.

Giving Back in Both Home States

Years Maggie has volunteered at Cheyenne Frontier Days

Years Maggie has been a Cheyenne Frontier Days Art Show volunteer

Year Maggie has been on the board at Roberta's Legacy

Move to Maggie’s beat.

When in doubt, always choose George Strait. Maggie recommends that sentimental, feel-good country music for work and for play.