Holistic Support For {Complex} Marketing & Communications Problems

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{ We help organizations demonstrate their value }

Medical professionals need help to stand out in a crowd.

Family physicians, specialists and ancillary providers need recognition to compete in a crowded marketplace. Partnering with Linden can help patients make informed decisions.

Healthcare Expertise

Natural resources professionals need to drive the conversation.

Energy companies, utilities and technical services firms seldom receive the image boost they deserve from their positive work. Partnering with Linden can affect public perception and build goodwill.

Natural resources expertise

Educators need to cultivate perpetual support.

Schools, institutions and foundations know that if they're not growing, they're dying. Partnering with Linden can increase enrollment and contributions that make it possible.

Education expertise


{ We provide 360° support }


Marketing Insights

Uncover opportunities to maximize potential and approach challenges in new ways.

  • 360° Discovery
  • Contextual Research
  • Product/Message Testing

Consultation Services

Increase competitiveness through efficient planning, management and monitoring of outreach efforts.

  • Strategic Planning
  • Branding & Identity
  • Lead Generation
  • Media Placement

Messaging Campaigns

Employ targeted information marketing to influence the way your audiences think, feel and act.

  • Brand Awareness
  • Targeted Campaigns
  • Public Relations

Branded Essentials

Make the right impression every time—one that enhances your position and commands respect.

  • Collateral Materials
  • Accessories & Specialty Items
  • Digital & Interactive
  • Website Development
  • Video Production

Publication Specialties

Build a loyal following of aware, engaged and satisfied fans.

  • Periodicals
  • Custom Publications
  • Product Fulfillment Management

{ Our work connects the dots }

Linden Marketing

A holistic approach makes a whole lot of sense.

Whether the objective is wider brand awareness or movement on a specific key performance indicator, a 360° approach offers efficiencies in reach, cost-effectiveness, consistency, data—and ultimately richer results.


The case for visually stunning design.

Research has demonstrated that attractiveness often creates positive feelings about a brand, company, product or person. That's why we're strong believers in the value of beautiful graphic design: a.k.a. Eye Candy.


{ We follow a systematic approach }