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Becky Freismuth

Project Manager + Digital Marketer


Need help with something? Becky’s got you. Need a bright idea? Let’s ask Becky. Want to talk about music, celebrity news, bucket list travel destinations or where to find the best craft beer in Colorado? Becky’s on top of that, too. And in all the things she does, Becky brings energy, positivity and a drive that moves projects, concepts and office interior decorating forward.


“Music is my love language.”

Music goes with every aspect of Becky’s life – the happy parts, the sad parts, the get up and dance parts; music is like her therapy for many situations. And there’s so many different styles of music, they can all fit different purposes – country for summertime, folky acoustic jams for winter and spring, and emo for when you just really need to feel your feelings.

Becky has big dreams to work in the music industry. Not to sing or play in a band necessarily, but to bring out the talents of others and show them to the world. And this is a very Becky-like thing to dream – supporting others, lifting them up, treasuring the process as much as the outcome. With her compassion and get-sh*t-done personality, we know Becky is going to reach her goals – and show others how to reach theirs, too.


Let’s Take This Outside

On the lake or the golf course, on a skateboard or horseback, hiking a mountain trail, super-fanning for the CSU Rams from the 50-yard line, or simply enjoying the sunshine on a great patio, life is good when Becky’s outside. Add a 1554 from New Belgium, a card game or board game or really any game at all, plus one or more of her favorite people, and you’ve got a perfect little Saturday.


The More the Merrier

Becky is an extrovert. She loves her relationships and making special connections with people that last through time and space. She’s family-focused, rolls with a deep crew of friends from every stage of life, and thrives in a space where her empathetic, openhearted personality can dance like no one is watching. She says, “People excite me. They fill me up.” And this is one of a thousand reasons why she’s so good at her job; Becky listens and engages with authenticity, so the work she does is in the genuine best interest of clients and coworkers.

All the World’s a Stage

Times on the Jumbo Screen (this is a goal Becky has at every sporting event)

CSU football games attended (so far), missing only two(ish) games each season

Theater productions participated in, including one she co-wrote while a senior in high school

Move to Becky’s beat.

Whether you’re feeling like a rock anthem, a good cry, or like reminiscing over a teenage love story, you’re free to feel all your feelings with Project Manager Becky’s playlist.