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With the holiday season in full swing, all we want to do is drink eggnog, wear our borderline-obnoxious ugly sweaters, and rewatch inspiring holiday commercials that make us feel all of the feelings.

We’ve gathered our favorite holiday ads for your merriment. Some of them go way back, some are more contemporary, but all of them make us smile (and possibly shed a tear or two). 

1. Hershey Kisses.

Simple but memorable, this classic is a feel-good favorite.

2. EDEKA 2016

Don’t let the subtitles scare you! This commercial is heartfelt and a great reminder of what really matters.

3. Coca-Cola Arctic Beach Party

Is there anything more festive than dancing penguins and polar bears? Nope!

4. M&S With Love from Mrs. Claus

As a predominantly female office, we all know who really is doing the work behind the scenes.

5. Apple – 2013

We’re not crying, you’re crying.

6. Buster the Boxer Dog

Dreams do come true!

7. Temptations – Keep Them Busy

We’re an office of (mostly) dog owners, but we’re going to guess this is what the holidays are like for cat owners.

8. H&M w/ Wes Anderson

In our eyes, Wes Anderson can do no wrong.

9. Campbell’s Soup – 1998

An oldie but a goodie.

10. – CDW – IT Elves

Relatable? Check. Clever? Check.

Did we miss your favorite? Please share it with us!

Tiffany Whitsitt

Tiffany believes bubbles make everything better. Bring on the La Croix! Bring on the champagne! (Just don’t bring them together.) A Fort Collins-nearly-native, Tiffany loves spending time outside with her Australian Shepherd.