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Making adjustments is necessary when the world around you is changing. During a crisis, whether it’s a virus or a natural disaster, it’s vital to adjust your marketing plan and your messaging in order to protect your brand. Your brand is more than a logo, it’s a feeling, and failing to make changes can be interpreted as callous or insensitive. Your clients will remember how they felt interacting with your brand during a time of crisis.

Consider the following steps when facing a crisis.

  1. Review and adjust anything that’s automated

This includes email campaigns, scheduled social media posts and PPC ads. Adjust or pause messaging as needed. Make sure your focus is on your audience, instead of how your organization can benefit at this time. Ask yourself, how can you add value for your clients, consumers or online audience during this time?

As long as the crisis is ongoing, continue to make adjustments. Pay attention to what your audience is talking about, looking for and engaging with online in order to inform your future posts and content creation.

  1. Communicate early and often

There can be a lot of uncertainty and confusion during a crisis, especially on social media, which is why it’s best to communicate early and often, even if it’s business as usual for your organization and you aren’t experiencing any major changes. Staying connected with your clients, consumers and audience can help you maintain and continue to build trust.

  1. Be genuine and human

During a crisis, we’re all looking to each other for humanity, not a sales pitch. Be honest and upfront about what your organization is actively doing and plans to do in the future. Be proactive about making changes and try to remain as positive as you can. Inevitably, a myriad of emotions is going to arise – fear, frustration, uncertainty. Be prepared to respond to questions, complaints or cancellations with empathy.


Navigating a crisis is not easy. There isn’t a perfect formula to follow, but taking these steps, adjusting your marketing thoughtfully and empathetically, will help you to weather the storm, and build trust and connection. 


Tiffany Whitsitt

Tiffany believes bubbles make everything better. Bring on the La Croix! Bring on the champagne! (Just don’t bring them together.) A Fort Collins-nearly-native, Tiffany loves spending time outside with her Australian Shepherd.