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Sometimes we call our Fort Collins office the Mothership. It’s a large historic house in Old Town with a big front porch to launch projects and offices to study star charts. Amongst other things. Last year we did our part to contain the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic and the ‘ship was empty and quiet while we worked from home. But now we are vaxxed and back – in person and happy to be working together again. It’s been a welcome and interesting transition; we’re realizing we each have a few working quirks that we probably always had, but never noticed before.

Have you ever met a hard walker?

Meet Maggie. She has a killer shoe selection and wears each pair with a purpose you can hear throughout the office, all day long.

(But she’ll never sneak up behind you.)


David whistles while he works. “Do da do do do do dooooo …” It’s beautiful and it creates a lovely ambiance. It was also a surprise. Some of us thought David had a strange affinity for whistling-only-playlists before we figured out it was actually coming from him.

“Bowls on the bottom, bowls on the bottom.”

Jean’s song for loading the dishwasher is catchier than you might think – and an indication that it might be time to restock the Cheez-Its.

How is it so fluffy?!

Ali’s perfect latte foam is back and so is the team’s Monday-morning-meeting-jealousy.

Is that a Mimosa?

Dixie is once again Queen of the Conference Room. She commands the room from the big screen and continues her mastery of meeting-to-meeting outfit (and beverage) changes, depending on the attendees.

Conversation Starter.

No one is more excited that there are people to talk to than Kelly, who will never not be a journalist at heart. Don’t expect her to stay at her own desk for much of the day.

Crackle. Gurgle. Screech.

Is that the espresso machine we hear … again? Oh, right. Joel’s here.

It’s a way of life.

Courtney gets the same salad from the same restaurant on the same day every week, and truly delights in the short walk to pick it up. Can you call someone oozing with creativity a creature of habit?

“Is that too loud? Are you sure? This is my happy music!”

Shawna, yelling up the stairs over her favorite jams that – as it turns out – are all of our happy music. (Turn it up to 11, Shawna!)

It’s our place to be.

Buckley, Mavie, Molly – the doggos are happy to reclaim their “Office Dogs” title. Logan, Huxley, Roísín – the kiddos are happy to be back in the place with the snacks, the giant chalkboard, and the aforementioned office dogs.

All quirks aside, we are grateful to be together. We laugh a lot, we talk and collaborate a lot, and we have made a lot of good decisions, such as going out to lunch together at least once a month. Cheers to a relaunch for better, brighter days!
Becky Freismuth

Linden Staff


We love our dogs, espresso-inspired conversations, long walks downtown, cocktails on the patio and finding joy in the details. We take our work seriously and we take life as it comes.