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Tiffany Whitsitt


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As an Account Executive at Linden, as well as our Digital Director and Linden’s super-talented in-house photographer, Tiffany is a busy lady – but she likes it that way. Her ability to combine big ideas with an incredible attention to detail makes Tiffany an unstoppable creative force, and just a really fun person to be around.

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“More and more I realize everything in your life is connected – your mind, your body, your people in your life – everything.”

While Tiffany is someone who truly enjoys being busy – having a full personal and worklife calendar, expertly juggling client communications and deadlines and content creation – she also recognizes that accomplishment comes only when you can make the space to be fully present. “If your mind is in the wrong place, you’re not going to be able to do it … you have to show up.” And Tiffany shows up. As a friend, coworker and dog mom, she makes time and puts positive energy into cultivating genuine, fulfilling relationships.

You know how people like to ask, “How do you fit it all in? How do you find the time?” Tiffany practices presence with breathing and training her mind to be still so she can be truly present for any task, event or person.

 “You can’t have a quick meal in Paris. And I love that.”

In Paris, Tiffany has found that things are done with intention. If you go out for dinner, you’re there for three hours, eating and talking and being exactly where you are, doing exactly what you’re doing with the people you’re doing it with. Great care is taken to create the experience of this meal – and it’s not superfluous, it’s purposeful and it’s beautiful.

And of course, this would resonate with Tiffany, someone who moves through the world with authenticity and intention, finding joy in the thoughtfulness of an experience and recognizing the attention given to small details – like one morning in Italy when she watched a vendor cut into a fresh blood orange and squeeze it right into her mimosa, and when, that evening, she watched a fisherman cast his line and his catch is what she had for dinner. Tiffany takes notice; she acknowledges the significance of both big actions and small details, and how life is richer because of them.

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Tiffany is inherently tuned into the little things and big meanings. She always finds the perfect gift, for instance; she keeps her workspace bright and uncluttered yet full of character with handpicked photos and mementos; and she sees the impact of how people interact and treat each other – she sees the positive effect of encouraging and lifting each other up, and the way a small gesture can change someone’s whole day. Luckily for all of us, Tiffany is a gifted photographer who captures and shares what she sees.

Photography has been an important part of the way Tiffany views and holds onto the world and the people in it for a long time. She’d gotten a new camera just before her first trip to Italy and, upon coming home, Tiffany knew she needed to learn the nuances of photography and explore all the things she could do – she felt it in her gut. 

Since then photography has taken Tiffany all over the world, capturing moments and details – for others and for herself. The way Tiffany sees it, if she’s having a really great experience, she wants to have a photo of it, a good photo, because when she looks at it later the photo it will immediately take her back to that moment, and to the energy and emotions that exist within that specific space and time.

There’s Beauty Everywhere, in Everything

Very favorite things: her relationships with people and creating beautiful things

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