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Kindergarten Transition Toolkit

Linden partnered with The Align Team to develop a Kindergarten Transition Toolkit in partnership with the Wyoming Early Childhood State Advisory Council (EC-SAC), who was charged with developing a high-quality, comprehensive system of early childhood services and supports that understand and improve the well-being, health and success of young children and their families.




EC-SAC’s goal was to support families through this transition by providing a toolkit for parents, educators and Wyoming communities.

While the toolkit is presented in specific sections for each audience, its intended outcome is to be one useful tool. Parents and families should find this as a helpful resource when preparing their kids to enter the K-12 system; educators should utilize it to assist in supporting families through this transition; and the toolkit should encourage community leaders to create systems that will help families in transition.

Digital + Print Resources

The original content was developed through EC-SAC’s members, which included representation from various early childhood education sectors. Linden then provided a formal review of the document to ensure the language was approachable to families, educators and community members. We also provided additional content and information on available resources for the Families section.

Kindergarten Toolkit-book-1
Kindergarten Toolkit-book-2

Linden designed the full Kindergarten Transition Toolkit, making it approachable for every Wyoming audience, and ensuring each section of the toolkit was cohesive when viewed separately or all together. We also worked closely with our translating partner to have the Families portion of the toolkit translated into Spanish.

Kindergarten Toolkit-book-4
Kindergarten Toolkit-book-3-spanish

Into the Hands that Need Them

Linden developed a website landing page dedicated to the Kindergarten Transition Toolkit and kindergarten readiness activities and resources. The page lives on the WY Quality Counts website, where visitors can download the full toolkit or specific sections for free. We also assisted our partners in the initial printing and distribution of the Families portion of the toolkit.

In addition, Linden created a promotional kit including creative assets and accompanying text for our partners to share on their digital channels. These assets helped our partners bring awareness to the available resource for their audiences of Wyoming educators, families, and communities.