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Pinterest is so much more than a place that helps us plan a dream vacation or remodel our kitchen. While those things are great – and we’ve definitely found some of our favorite brunch recipes on this platform – Pinterest is also a tool that can help businesses achieve their marketing goals with very little effort.

Here’s what Pinterest can do for your business.

Increase website traffic.

Pinterest is a visual search engine with a goal of connecting its users to the best content. Users search keywords or phrases related to the content they seek, and Pinterest generates relevant results visually. Their search function allows businesses to be discovered by a highly engaged audience, making the platform a valuable tool for companies looking to drive traffic to their website and increase brand visibility. Additionally, Pinterest’s interface is user-friendly and visually appealing. This makes users’ search experience much more enjoyable compared to other search engines, and it’s a prime opportunity for businesses to connect with potential customers in a positive way on a platform they’re already using.

Increase the longevity of your content.

The content on Pinterest is displayed based on the topic and the level of engagement it receives rather than what was recently posted. So, while most social posts only last 24 hours, Pinterest pins last forever and can generate results for several months. We have seen pins that were posted over six months ago continue to drive results. Work smarter, not harder, right?

Make sales!

Pinterest is one of the only platforms where users come to the site with the intent of purchasing something. In fact, 82% of Pinterest users have purchased products based on a brand’s Pinterest content. Pinterest is also unique in how it influences users to purchase. Emotional response is one of the biggest factors in someone’s purchasing decisions, so Pinterest allows you to create compelling stories to engage your customers and evoke certain emotions, giving businesses an effective strategy for marketing their product.

Still wondering if Pinterest will help you make sales? Here are some statistics from Pinterest to support this claim:

  • 98% of Pinterest users have tried new things they’ve discovered on Pinterest.
  • 55% of Pinners are more likely to purchase a product after seeing it on Pinterest than other social media platforms.
  • 50% have purchased after seeing a Promoted Pin.

Discover what your audience loves.

Pinterest has so many tools that are available to help businesses better promote their products and services. One of our favorites is the Pinterest Trends tool. This tool helps businesses gather deeper insights into certain behaviors or trends. Advertisers can use this information to understand what is trending with their audience and create and promote content that is aligned.

    Pinterest is a valuable tool, and we believe it can take your marketing to the next level. Not sure where to start? We’re here to help!

    Becky Freismuth

    Need help with something? Need a bright idea? Want to talk about music, celebrity news, bucket list travel destinations or where to find the best craft beer in Colorado? Becky’s on it. And in all the things she does, Becky brings energy, positivity and a drive that moves projects, concepts and office interior decorating forward.