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Laramie County Community College


A Critically Acclaimed Partnership

Linden’s first project with Laramie County Community College was on an issue of their Talon Magazine. We partnered on the design and project management, and produced an issue that earned first place in the Outstanding Magazine category at the National Council for Marketing & Public Relations regional awards.


During the process of this publication’s creation – from reading and rereading the articles to collaborating on design elements, to listening to the LCCC team talk about the school and their vision – we really got to know the LCCC brand and voice. This allowed us to genuinely represent the Pathways campaign they were just introducing.


Spread the Word

In 2020, Linden and LCCC launched an all-encompassing awareness campaign aimed at four unique audiences in five different regions surrounding Cheyenne, Wyoming. Linden was in charge of developing the campaign’s primary and secondary messaging, design and distribution of direct mailers and traditional media placements, and the creation of digital assets for LCCC’s existing digital marketing vendor.


An important element of this campaign was addressing the four individual audiences with a message that felt personal, but that was also in alignment with the full campaign and LCCC’s overarching brand message. Drawing upon our knowledge of the Pathways campaign that was highlighted in the Talon Magazine we had previously partnered on, we knew that “Find your path” was already a familiar call to action for LCCC. We also knew that the requirements of this new campaign included a focus on safety in the midst of change. So, for each target audience, we considered what specific words would carry the message that students could find their path at LCCC, which is a safe place to learn and live. We carefully adjusted our taglines and additional messaging elements to align with this theme while also speaking directly to specific audiences.

Challenges, Changes & Adaptability

To demonstrate the message of the awareness campaign, Linden scripted, shot, animated and produced a video showcasing two students following their pathways, with one on campus and the other at home. The intention was to show resiliency in the learning environment through adaptability (hybrid class availability) and moving forward (continuing on with your education in the face of challenge). The video was shot on-site at LCCC with great care, caution and planning, in light of the ongoing pandemic.

Shortly after this video was placed as a commercial in regions surrounding Cheyenne, Linden partnered with LCCC on a second video. Shot on campus, the message spoke more broadly about the Pathways, showed a variety of learning environments and campus features, and encouraged traditional and nontraditional students to take control of their futures by finding their own path.

Our ongoing partnership with LCCC has Linden working on printed recruiting materials, additional issues of Talon Magazine, video projects and whatever else we can get our hands on.



I just wanted to reach out and say thanks for all the work on the awareness campaign. Your team did an awesome job, especially on such a tight turnaround. It was a lot of fun running around with you for the video shoot so thanks for that experience. The commercial turned out great!

I’ve really enjoyed working with the Linden team on our various projects. It’s truly been a pleasure!

Josh Thein, Laramie County Community College