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It can be scary, hiring an agency for the first time. There’s a good number of unknowns which can be a bit intimidating. Hopefully, this list will relieve any anxiety you have and get you excited about working with an agency.

Expect a process.
Agencies have a tried and true process and are eager to outline what your working relationship will look like. We want to gain your trust and participation so we can build a solid foundation for our partnership.

You came to us to help your company grow—but we can’t do it without you. We understand that you’re busy running your business, but it’s important to your success that you make yourself available in the decision-making process.

We carefully create timelines and action items designed to move your project forward. However, a lack of participation on the part of decision makers and/or support staff can compromise our ability to meet projected deadlines and, ultimately, your goals.

Expect transparency.
Our team is full of ideas—some will be similar to yours, while others may be outside your comfort zone. We encourage you to be open-minded to new approaches, have patience as we implement new processes and be accepting of outcomes you didn’t anticipate. Trusting us means being willing to learn about what we do. There’s both art and science in marketing. It takes systematic planning, implementation and control of the many business activities intended to bring buyers and sellers together—and it pays to start thinking like a marketer.

Don’t expect your agency to just do as they are told. Our job is to help you accomplish your goals; you can rely on our expertise and recommendations. And sometimes that means hearing your brand needs help or that you could be engaging differently with certain channels for campaign implementation. It’s our responsibility to help develop engaging creative and messaging, to navigate different methods of measurement and to locate the best options for your budget.

Expect some self-reflection.
You’re close to your business, which can make it difficult to self-evaluate or identify pain points or ways to improve. When working with an agency for the first time, the initial discovery process can be pretty eye-opening. We may uncover some things about your business, good or bad, that may be a surprise to you.

Try to remember that we have your best interest in mind!

Expect measurable results.
We won’t make unrealistic promises about what’s possible through marketing, but we will help you set and implement measurable, real-world objectives that help align your company with its short- and long-term goals. While we can’t guarantee a certain rate of return, we want you to understand that every marketing investment you make is designed to deliver a benefit.

Expect to have a dedicated partner.
We aim for long-term partnerships. Maybe you’re starting small and thinking that far down the road is just overwhelming, but it’s good to keep in mind that your brand will continue to evolve, your goals may change and that’s why developing the relationship with your agency is so important. Expect the best, of yourself and your marketing agency!

Becky Freismuth

Maggie York


A natural leader, Maggie seamlessly transitions from clients to team building, from CO to WY, business suits to cowboy boots.