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Courtney Cyr


Before starting her own business, Courtney did marketing and social media management for a start up and a handful of coffee shops. With this foundation – plus style, creativity and an “I can freaking do this” attitude – helped make Courtney’s design and events business successful. Why did she leave it behind to come to Linden? For the people: working alongside a team of creatives is exhilarating. Plus, this work gives her more time at home with her very favorite people – her hubs, daughter and friends who are more like family.
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Courtney sees people. Really sees them, because she thinks about a person as a culmination of their experiences, their culture and where they’re from, along with what they like or don’t like, what they say and do. She’s gained a lot of perspective through reading and through travel. Reading “takes me out of my own head and allows me to see the world through someone else’s eyes … you have no idea what’s going on in other people’s lives and reading gives you a snapshot.” Traveling is more immersive. While Courtney has been a lot of places – she’d love to go back to Norway and really wants to spend some time in Morocco – but being in Kenya, she says, revitalizes her soul. “There’s no piece of home you can grasp onto there – it’s so different from home – and this is the most transformative part of traveling,” where new perspectives can be experienced because you completely give yourself over to where you are, without comparing anything or anyone to what you think you already know. Courtney applies the same compassion and search for authentic connection to everyday interactions and conversations with people she’s known for ages, catch ups with coworkers, and to projects with new clients.

“You just need 10 minutes to get your heart going and realize you’re alive.”

Sometimes you start doing something “just for fun” and then you just can’t stop. Like baking. (We’d like an order of scones for our morning coffee, please and thanks). Or running. (“I got dependent on the endorphins and just haven’t stopped.”) Or going to concerts. (Sometimes you have to go to three country concerts in a row because maybe you secretly wish you were a musician.) Or really anything that gets your brain working and your heart pumping.   Note: Courtney is currently on the search for a new hobby and all suggestions are welcome.

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Throw all your lucky coins on me

You know that feeling you get when you’re experiencing live music? It starts in the pit of your stomach as a kind of nervous anticipation, and then your fingers and toes start to tingle and maybe you whoop or maybe you dance or maybe you cry for the sheer joy of it all, and the best part is that everyone around you is feeling it, too; it’s like this happy bubble you’re existing in together. That’s one of Courtney’s very favorite feelings. Turns out it’s contagious: Before her daughter was born, Courtney went to a Gregory Alan Isakov show at Red Rocks. The thought of having a baby and being a mom was still new, but here, in this setting, with this artist and that specific kind of energy live music gives you, Courtney felt connected with her babe, and wished this kind of joy for her, too. Recently, Courtney took her daughter to her very first concert – Gregory Alan Isakov – where she danced and played and experienced the happy, joyful bubble until she fell asleep.

Not Busy, Just Motivated

Orange Theory workouts, so far

Soul mates – husband Joe and daughter Logan

Weddings + events organized and executed to perfection

Move to the Linden Beat

Ali's playlist
A fresh combination of jams guaranteed to get you through your morning, midday or evening sweat session! Courtney says these tracks will take you the extra mile on the treadmill or in your home workout studio.