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Natural Resources is an exciting, dynamic industry with countless verticals and nuances. But, the constant flux can be intimidating – and stagnating.

Major industry shifts cause concern for organizations—even industries accustomed to volatility. Changes in regulations, advancing technology, public opinion, emerging new markets—the list is endless!—can threaten positioning, relevance, and your bottom line. It distresses employees, it impacts customers, and it slows down progress. In tumultuous times, the knee-jerk reaction is to slow down, pull over, and wait out the storm. However, those who come out of a transition most successfully do the opposite.

They identify a new roadmap {derived from industry experience and marketing data} then hit the gas pedal. Change presents the opportunity for innovation, reinvention, and improvement. Disruption provides an opportunity to study your industry and audience, understand their concerns, and tell a more authentic and compelling story of resilience. So, how do we leverage industry disruption to keep moving? Especially when we’re paralyzed by regulatory stagnation, limited resources, or rapidly advancing technology? Start with data-driven marketing.

Start with Data-driven Insights

When you take a pragmatic research-based approach to understanding the fears and worries of your customers, you’ll naturally create the right messaging to speak with empathy, focus and force.

Plan Proactively

By leveraging marketing data and truly understanding your audience, you can anticipate their likely pathways. Armed with this knowledge, you can proactively create interactions that reduce barriers to desired outcomes and reveal additional insights.

Create Engagement

By including clear, benefit-oriented expectations and step-by-step journeys that highlight the positives, you’ll simplify the path to opportunity, and address the industry challenges head on.

Leverage Technology

Lighting up all of your cross-channel relationship platforms allows your customers to drive the discussion, share with and learn from others, and find useful tools to address their root problems.

Measure the Impact

You cannot control the volatility of your industry, but you can control your reaction—and influence your audiences’ perceptions. Continuously study your analytics to evaluate message performance to identify what’s resonating and what’s falling flat.

Never Stop Improving

If you had the opportunity to not only survive the change but come out ahead of the competition, what would you do differently? Once you choose to continuously improve your creative and deployment approaches based on marketing data, you may even begin to look forward to the cycle of change! In transitional times, it can feel nearly impossible to navigate marketing data, communication strategy, delivery platforms, and performance metrics. At Linden, we offer the industry expertise in Natural Resources, as well as marketing insights and platform know-how, to elevate your brand and position in times of flux. Ready to get started? Share your industry concerns with us.


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