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Wyoming Family Resource Centers Collective

Family Resource Centers provide on-site health and wellness programs, services, resources and referrals, activities, and classes all in one place. They meet the needs of their communities, strengthening Wyoming families and individuals. The Wyoming Family Resource Centers Collective is a collaborative statewide network that formed to help establish Family Resource Centers or strengthen existing Centers across the state. The Collective connects organizations with grant funding and provides grantees with technical assistance and best practices for establishing a Family Resource Center in their community.

Linden was engaged to help establish the identity of the Collective and to provide communications pieces about the Collective, Family Resource Centers, and bringing Family Resource Centers across Wyoming.

Our first step was to have a conversation with the members of the Collective and other stakeholders so we could make connections between the individual voices and their common goals. Then, we worked on creating a brand identity that would be approachable to all Wyomingites, that would feel warm and welcoming, and that could eventually be used within Family Resource Centers across the state.


Laying out the tone of their brand, the Wyoming Family Resource Centers Collective needed to feel:


  • approachable
  • collaborative
  • connected
  • helpful

Key Feelings

Their brand also needed to show how they are:


communicating that programs, services and resources are available to all Wyomingites


they are a collaborative effort helping to establish FRCs all over the state

We created a number of logo options and paired them with brand assets to showcase how the brand could come to life in different ways.


After several conversations and a couple rounds of anonymous surveys, the Wyoming FRCC team selected a brand that felt light, approachable and hopeful.


Digital + Print Resources

With the look and feel of the brand established, we were able to create informational resources for the Wyoming FRCC team to disseminate through various channels, both in print and digitally.

Social Media Graphics

We also created a branded social media series that was delivered to the partners, which helped to announce the Collective itself, the brand and the idea behind Family Resource Centers, further establishing the purpose of the Wyoming FRCC brand.


As a statewide effort, one of the Wyoming FRCC’s main communications platforms is video. They host many webinars and virtual trainings; they speak with families and health services providers across the state; and they create one-off videos to acknowledge concepts and events. To make these more accessible, we set up a YouTube account for the Wyoming FRCC to host all of the content. We make sure to title and tag the videos so they are efficiently searchable, and we’ve create a series of branded thumbnails to align the video topics.