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OneVoice for Housing

OneVoice for Housing speaks up for fair, accessible, safe, sustainable housing – for everyone. As a brand new organization, they needed a method and a plan to get their advocacy message and calls to action out to the Fort Collins, Colorado community and its broad spectrum of audiences. Then, they could bring people together and create positive change for the people of Northern Colorado.

Step 1

Listen, Learn and Uncover

Our first step was to have a conversation with the stakeholders at OneVoice, so we could fully understand their goals and challenges, and to hear them speak – individually and as a group – about who they are and what they want OneVoice to be and do. During these conversations – as we listened closely and took notes on notes on notes – we picked up how OneVoice should sound, feel and look. We also began outlining how OneVoice could show up in and lead conversations about housing, where their most effective platforms would be. 

Step 2

Develop a Creative Brief

Our Creative Brief for OneVoice for Housing – which bridges the discovery process and the branding phase – defined the following:

  • audiences
  • key messaging
  • messaging platforms
  • brand attributes
  • creative concepts


Create a brand that speaks up for housing for everyone.

approachable – inclusive – professional – collaborative – hopeful – proud


Step 4

Execute a Strategy

Educate and advocate with a cohesive voice and concise message that can speak to and be heard by a variety of audiences.


Establish marketing plan

Designate communications platforms

Create original infographics

Share partner voices and local resources

Design and develop accessible, easy-to-use website as a hub of information and collaboration

Housing is about people, and in order to educate their audiences on what housing actually looks like in Fort Collins’ communities, we knew OneVoice would need to share real stories and faces of residents, not just stats and facts. A section of the OneVoice website is dedicated to “housing stories,” and from these, we created unique content for social media, broadening the reach of their message.

Housing stories need to be told so the impact of what it means to have a home is understood. 


The housing challenge is too big to tackle alone. With the right tools, OneVoice for Housing will call their communities together to initiate policies for affordable, equitable housing and positive, sustainable progress that will generate vitality and a higher quality of life for all Fort Collins residents.