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It’s a brand new year, and Linden has, as always, set new goals. This year, we are highly motivated to expand and improve on the already great qualities we offer as a company. To make our approach clear for this year, we have created a list of goals that will help us navigate and achieve our objectives.

Goal #1


Linden is thrilled to announce that we are now providing internship positions to members of our community who are interested in gaining hands-on marketing experience.

“Joel and I both grew from opportunities that were presented to us and value mentorship. We want to help grow others and give them opportunities to learn,” said co-owner Maggie York. 

We recently welcomed our first intern, Danni, a psychology major with a minor in media studies at Colorado State University. She is the first of many interns that Linden is excited to take on and train! Stay tuned for more updates about these opportunities to work with us.

Goal #2

Improved Client Experience

At Linden, we understand the importance of building and maintaining strong relationships with our clients. We believe in continuously learning and improving our services to better assist our clients, even the ones we have worked with for years. We’re people people, and we understand that humans are ever-evolving, which means their needs are, too. This makes it increasingly important to prioritize developing new approaches to enhance our clients’ experience.

“We want our clients to know that they can rely on us and they are being heard. We have always made diligent work a priority, and now we’re working to be as efficient as possible so every project meets our own high expectations as well as client timelines. We want our clients to know we value our long-term relationships with them, and this is one way to show it,” said co-owner Joel York.

With this in mind, we have dedicated ourselves to investing in a comprehensive project management system – Teamwork. This program has been specifically designed to streamline communication and smooth our review and proofing processes, ensuring our clients receive the highest quality service possible. 

Goal #3

Improved Internal Processes

Similar to enhancing client experience, we believe there’s always room for improvement in the logistics department. In 2024, we will be working hard to smooth out our internal processes. Joel and Maggie have expressed that, “the more efficient we are at Linden, the more time we have to focus on the quality of our work. We can focus on being a steward for your brand and supporting you.”

We are excited to test out the automated billing feature within Teamwork and introduce templates to speed up project setup. And we’re not stopping there! We’re working to manage our workload more efficiently and find ways to work smarter, not harder.

Goal #4

New and Existing Clients

With the mindset of change and expansion, we are dipping our toes into the unknown and setting a goal of branching into industries that will challenge us creatively. We also value our existing clients and look forward to creating new opportunities with them in the future. At Linden, we enjoy tackling challenges and welcome fresh ideas. Our goal is to broaden our portfolio and seek out new avenues for growth. By consistently developing and promoting our brand, we can expand the range of clients who would benefit from our expertise and dedication. Our top priority is providing exceptional service and delivering top-quality results. 

“We are grateful for our long-standing client relationships and are excited about new opportunities that we may create in the years to come. We love a challenge and are so proud of our team! We thrive on solving problems and welcome new ideas,” Maggie and Joel said.

They take pride in our team and are committed to promoting our brand and expanding our client base.

As we begin the new year, we are eager to make significant progress in our efforts and would be thrilled to have your support on this journey toward success. Let’s collaborate toward a memorable year full of achievements and personal growth. Let’s do this, 2024!

Becky Freismuth

Linden Staff


We love our dogs, espresso-inspired conversations, long walks downtown, cocktails on the patio and finding joy in the details. We take our work seriously and we take life as it comes.