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Kelly Etzel Douglas


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Kelly picked up a camera when she was 15 and knew shortly thereafter that she wanted to be a newspaper photographer. As someone who always accomplishes what she sets out to do, Kelly worked on her high school newspaper, went to college for journalism and got her first job working for a newspaper in Mark Twain country in Missouri. Kelly met her future husband while in Missouri and moved with him to Wyoming, where he joined the Air Force and she got a job at the Wyoming Tribune Eagle. They moved again, and again, and again and again after that until making their way back to Wyoming, where Kelly works as Linden’s Publications Manager.

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The Heartbeat of Wyoming

One of Kelly’s jobs in Wyoming was with the Wyoming Department of Transportation. She worked in public affairs and put together their internal newsletter that was more like a magazine. This took her all over the state, connecting with people and putting together stories and photos. And this was a perfect transition into the work Kelly does with Linden on the Wyoming Rural Electric News (WREN), pulling in stories, connecting people and places across the state.

Kelly says there’s nothing like local journalism to get at the heartbeat of a community. She also says she’s never moving away from Wyoming again.

The Self-Sufficient Life and How to Live It

This is the title of a book Kelly has carried across the country eight times. Her favorite subject to read is about people who weren’t farmers, but later learned to farm. Kelly’s biggest dream is to be a rancher or a farmer: “You think about everything it would take to run a farm and I would totally do that.” Because of course she would. And she definitely could. Kelly is no stranger to hard work or committing herself to a project (her Hogwarts House is Hufflepuff, afterall). She has a talent for being able to see the big picture and then breaking it down into details – and microdetails that support those details – and making a plan for it all to come together.

Kelly has planted a garden in five different states, but since moving back to Wyoming, she has really begun to settle into farm life. There’s an ever-growing brood of chickens in her front yard, she’s building a hoop house and has planned her dream greenhouse. Eggs and tomatoes will be sold at the farmer’s market and Kelly hopes to bring in more animals (in addition to her two kids).

“Name the greatest of all inventions. Accident.”

– Mark Twain

Kelly tinkers. She has multiple projects going on at the same time – from building a chicken coop to knitting, painting, and sewing – she loves creating and seeing how other people create things, too.

Maybe it started when she was a kid and her dad would rebuild cars; Kelly would spend a lot of time in the garage handing him tools. Photography was like this too, when she first started – tinkering in the dark room, figuring things out, creating from what she learned.

Lucky for Linden, Kelly brings her insatiable interest in the “how” and “why” of things to the articles she writes, interviews she conducts, storylines she puts together and all the other tinkering that goes into the management and creation of our publications.

Dream Life in Progress

Chickens on the microfarm + more to come

States Kelly’s lived (including seven moves within 10 years)

Wyoming home

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Kelly's Playlist

Any parent knows how bad songs for preschoolers can be. Kelly Douglas’ playlist has some tried-and-true (and clean version) songs for dancing with your kids.